Young and Confident

Talent doesn’t just come to you, you have to work hard to accomplish whatever it is you might be doing. Like two very young, but passionate girls from two different parts of the world. I recently meet Page, a 9 year old girl whom is swift, fast ,and serious about her running so all the older kids call her speed. Later i met Hae Won a 8 year old. She has an amazing ability to be silent and has a huge amount of talent when it comes to chess.
    These two girls are very similar because they both teach that the harder you try the more you’ll succeed. The kids are somewhat similar but there locations are not. Page lives in Harlem, New York and Hae Won lives in Seoul , South Korea They manage two very different lives. Page is a confident and hardworking girl. She takes a lot of time out of her day to practice breathing in counts of seven and running up and down her block to improve her running ability.
Hae Won on the other hand, practiced and practiced until she was good enough to compete in the big chess challenge . Her mom gave her a piece of candy every time she would be totally silent and focused . She finally got to the tournament and won. Even though she was a winner,  she knew there was always something better than winning.
In sharp contrast these two girls meet their goals by determination and very hard work. Throughout these were the youngest girls who had pursue their passion.


A Tale Of Two

Along the coast of South Africa lies an island untouched by mankind a fantasy world some may say. Deep into the mysterious Siberian jungle home to the most vicious animals known to man lies my people. The victims of the 1970 boat wreck of the U.S Californian that was her name, the boat my dad had spent his whole life building she was a beauty he would always say while quietly admiring his work of the last century.The boat was all white with black trim 67 ft long and 80 ft wide built of luxury products 40 rooms, 97 windows, 300 wooden cabinets, granite flooring and amazing chandeliers all put in my hand. My father was a tall wealthy white man who liked to work for himself many would say he’s stubborn but Ma would smile and giggle. She was starstruck even after 56 years she always acted as if she was 16 falling in love all over again. My mother a beautiful woman of honor and loyalty one thing my father could never seem to understand, he has his share of messing around in the old days. We set sail that night, My father, mother, and their 13 children including me and the ships crew. It was the clearest night to set sail my father had chosen this day of all dats because todays the day we celebrate our ancestors celebrated the uprising of the spirits something in which my grandmother takes dearest to heart . The night so pure with intentions there wasnt a thing in the world that could go wrong and so we thought. After we had violently crash landed on this vague island which killed 4 crewmen and destroyed my father’s brand new boat he spent his life building. Yet none of that matters because every situation since has been a matter of life or death. We all are striving helplessly for food, the leaves ever so tempting green, plump and poisonous. Two things of which tempted the last four of my crew men. After 10 minutes of the leaves in your stomach your body starts to overheat and kill you from a massive cold. Traveling all the way from New york City the air is ever so fresh coming from this seems as if it was a terrifying dream land. With no weapons due to the crash we can’t hunt efficiently. We strive on fruit and fish somehow this experience gave purpose to all our lives which most of us were looking for and so from that day on we all changed even the island.  

Developing Understanding

Developing Understanding

Learning is one thing that helps you grow as a person. As your ignorance fades you can start to open your mind to other possibilities, cultures, and lifestyles. Every step of the way there will be things that will happen unexpectedly. But the way we deal with the things that happen to us is what makes us who we are as a person and a living soul. You can always observe others actions but never judge, because we all have to experience things our own ways, after all we are different people. What works for some doesn’t work for all. The planet is always changing we can either to decide to change with it or be left behind. Time is always happening now so i will continue to keep moving forward even through my hardships. This new awakening made me overcome one of peoples worst fears and visualize the world in a whole new way. My sisters death has not only conected me to the spirtiual world it has opened my eyes to a whole new understanding that life after death can be a beautiful thing. I finally came to the place where i can belive that we are not the things we do or say, we are simply one spirt with many body’s. Finding true happiness within the mind, body, and spirit is what this journey has been taking me all along.

Spirituality in Reality

Spirituality in Reality

  Almost every child in America has been told a fairytale. Time has recently changed to where we have seen all the movies and t.v shows on dvd. We’ve all seen a magnificent tale of two misguided people who find each other after a life of misfortune. The women’s features portrayed in these movies symbolize housewife type of characteristics. One thing parents do not realize is that these things from our childhood stick with us. Our expectation of loving someone doesn’t quite match what reality has in store. Time has changed from when fairytales were written women have developed to become more strong and independent.  The message being sent through to these children is that life’s goal of happiness only exists when you meet your true love.

  People all around the world are worried about there appearance. With everything being just one click away it has people obsessing about whats trending on the internet. It has every approach whether its whats going on with the recent politicians or if its through 5 minute youtube videos it all wastes your energy, time, and money.  Not to mention that the effect it is taking on individuals is critical, we now live fast life styles trying to provide money for living essentials, internet, tv, and all things influenced by commercials and advertisements. Its almost impossible to live a healthy stress free life. Most people are so wrapped up in the question “What more can i get?” instead of only taking what you actually need to survive.  Most think it is the pressure society puts on women and men. I believe that it is not only the pressure of society but also the pressure people put on themselves to live up to a certain lifestyle. We all are just trying to find out who we are but the more you get caught up in social media you will only fall further from who we are.

  There has been a point in my life where everything stands still time, emotions, judgement, and even faith. Mine decided to happen moments before i had almost died. The doctor couldn’t understand why i lost twenty-five pounds in a month or why i couldn’t eat, drink, or use the bathroom. I had got so far into my head that i lost all sights of reality and that took a huge toll on my body. I was completely ready for time to be over, yet i haven’t experience life until i got a second chance. Shocking how terrible things you would never expect can happen for the better. After my full recovery time has almost shifted almost as if it has been getting faster and faster my outtake on the word is pure and full of surprises. To me it was worth the journey and i would love to see where life has in store for me.

  We chose our own journey which means we make our own happiness.  There was never a time in my life where i never had the option to not do the right thing it was always my choice. Even if you choose other wise it doesn’t make you any less or any more its just we don’t realize it fast enough. Over the years i’ve learned fear is one of the most controlling emotion there is and it tends to be the one we always act on. Fear has kept me alive and most of the people on this planet today as well. We have to learn how to control our emotions and reactions and that’s when you can start to figure out who you really are.